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user experience consulting

Vivid Mojo specializes in web site and application design, user research, product concepting, usability testing and crafting user experience roadmaps.  We help make great products and online experiences.


If your organization is using Agile development, we can help you integrate good user experience practices into Scrum or other Agile approaches.


Whether you are in the high tech, health care, banking, financial services, B2B or medical industry, we speak your language and have experience with the kinds of challenges you face every day.


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• User Experience Design

• Customer Research

• Usability Testing

• Product Evaluation

• User Experience Optimization

• Strategic Product Planning

• UX Training & Mentoring

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• Web sites & applications

• Software (including embedded)

• Online Banking

• Online Communities

• Mobile & handheld applications

• Clinical Systems, Electronic Medical Records

• Medical Devices

• Financial Services & Banking

• Retail

• Health Care & Medical

• eCommerce

• Food & Agriculture

• Energy & Petroleum

• Insurance

• Mobile & Navigation

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